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Outer Eastern Melbourne

What we do

Our vision

The Outer Eastern Melbourne Children and Youth Area Partnership is working together to ensure that all at-risk children and young people in our region are safe and supported to lead happy, healthy and successful lives.

Our priorities

To achieve our vision, our Partnership has identified two priorities.

1. Brighter Futures: Improving outcomes for young people at risk of entering into, and transitioning from Out-of-Home-Care

  • Brighter Futures: Leaving Care Partnership
  • Brighter Futures: Prevention Matters
  • Brighter Futures: Out-of-Home-Care Area Implementation Group
  • Brighter Futures: Out-of-Home-Care Youth Advisory Group

2. Building communities that are cohesive, strong and safe for women and children

  • Our Codes, Our Clubs: changing the story to promote gender equality together
  • Respectful Relationships: a whole of school approach
  • Preventing family violence in the workplace

If you would like more information or want to get involved, please contact us